Gondola daypass ticket (incl. bike)

Gondola daypass ticket (incl. bike)

Welcome to Voss Gondol!

The largest and most modern mountain gondola in Northern Europe. Starting at Voss Station (56 masl) and ending at Hangurstoppen (820 masl), the gondola will have 9 cabins with a capacity of 1069 passengers per hour. The gondola will run continuous throughout the day and all year.

On the gondola ride, you get a spectacular view of Voss town centre and the lakes and mountains surrounding Voss. At Hangurstoppen, you will find Voss’ largest restaurant, with homemade and local food. Hangurstoppen is also a perfect starting point for a great variety of activities, all year. great variety of activities, all year.

About the day pass:

With the daypass ticket, you can ride the gondola as much as you want in one of several days (depending on what daypass ticket you buy). If you purchase 2, 3 or other daypasses, please note that the ticket is valid for continuous days. Chose either a daypass ticket with a new Keycard (and collect your ticket at the ticket machine) or use an existing Keycard (and go straight to the gondola).

All daypasses include one bike. Please note that there are two selected gondolas for bikes and that both you and your bike must be clean before you enter.

This ticket is only valid for the date you choose.